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In this lesson we are going to create our second article which is going to be an About Us page. Go to the Content menu and select the Article Manager. To create the new article click on New then give the article its title. Place it in the category that we want to save it in. I am going to select the About category. Now we are ready to type our content. When writing your content you should remember that people tend read less on the web than they do on the printed page. So if you are not used to writing for a web site it's a good idea to write the content once and then come back to it and edit it by about 50%. When you are happy with your content you can format it with H tags like we did in the previous lesson and images as well if you want. In this article I want to create a link to another web site.

To do that, select the piece of text that you want to be the clickable link. Then click on this icon here which is a link in a chain. We now have the opportunity to type in the actual URL that we want the link to be but don't. It's far too easy to make a typing mistake. Instead I strongly recommend you open a new browser window. Go to the web site that you want to create a link to then select the link and copy it. Return to your web site and paste in the full link. Before clicking on insert to paste the link into our content one thing you might want to change is the target. By default this is set to Not Set which means that this link will open in the same browser window that the web site is currently in. Some people prefer that if the link is going to somebody else's web site they want to open the link in a new window.

You can do this by changing the target from Not Set to Open in new window. Click Insert and the link has been created and we can see that the link has been formatted in a different colour. Now that we have our text and our links and its formatted how we want it to. We can save it and then go on to create the menu link so that we can display this article on our web site. Click on Save & Close. Now we need to go to our Menus and here we can see a Menu already created called Main Menu. Here we can see that we already have a menu item created called Home and we want to create a brand new one specifically for this About Us article. Click on New. The first thing we have to do is to enter the menu title This is the words that will actually appear on the web site as the clickable link. The Alias just as with the Categories will be generated automatically by Joomla. Then we need to select what type of menu item we are creating. If we click on this button we can see that there are several different types of menu items we can create depending on what it is we are linking to. We're linking to articles so we can select Articles and then we have several choices.

We can see this one here is to a single article. This is the one we want to use for us to display our About Us page. So select this. Once thats selected we're now given a choice to actually select which article it is that we are going to link to. So again click on Select and you will see a list of all your articles. We currently only have two. Select the one you want, About Us. We can see it is now showing as being selected here. At this point we have done everything we need to do to create the menu link. So press Save & Close. Once that menu item has been saved open up your web site in a new window and have a look. Remember you can do that by clicking on the name of your site in the top right. So welcome to our web site. This is the front page from before and over here on the Main Menu we can see there is now a link to About Us and if we click on that we can see our About Us page. Here in the middle is the link that we created to that other web site. Which when we click on it opens in a brand new window because that's what we told it to do. Now we have created a brand new article and created a menu link to that article to display it on the web site.

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