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JCE WYSIWYG Editor Installeren

JCE WYSIWYG Editor Installeren Video Transcriptie

Before we start building our web site there are two extensions for Joomla that are going to make our life easier through the process. So before we do anything let's go ahead and install those. The first of them is called JCE. JCE is a replacement content editor, a WYSIWYG editor, for Joomla. That offers additional functionality over the default and is going to make our life easier.

To install JCE go to the Extension menu and select the Extensions Manager. If your screen does not look like this one then see the earlier video - Adding the Joomla Extension Installer In the search box enter JCE and click search. The first entry is the one we want so click on it. We can install JCE by clicking on the Install button here and then confirming. Once JCE has been installed you will see a success message like this.

We now need to go ahead and tell Joomla to use this editor. So, go to the System menu and select Global Configuration. Here we can see an option to select the Default Editor. It's currently set at TinyMCE which is what Joomla ships with but if we click on this we can see the JCE option. Select that and click Save & Close. If you go to your Components menu you will see there is a new link called JCE Editor. This is where you can perform all the additional configuration for JCE and there is a great deal you can but we wont cover that in this lesson you can find his on the web site. In future lessons we will see and learn how to use this WYSIWYG editor.

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