Joomla SEF URLs

Joomla SEF URLs

As we navigate through our web site we can see that the url contains the word index.php. We can make a simple change to our Joomla installation to remove that index.php from the url. Which makes the urls just a little bit more memorable. Go to your administrator and select System, Global Configuration Here on the right hand side under SEO Settings there is an option called Use URL rewriting. We want to set that to Yes. While we are here let's also include our site name in the page title. That will mean that instead of the tab saying Our Tea it will have the domain name as well and we can set the site name to be After or Before and I am going to choose After. Press Save. If we go back to our web site and change our urls we can see up here that the site name in the tab is now page followed by site name but we get a 404 page when we go to any of our links. To fix that you need to log in to your Siteground User Area.

Once you've logged in go to My Accounts and click on the link to go to your cPanel. Scroll down and select the File Manager. If it asks you where you want to open make sure that Web Root is ticked and that Show Hidden Files is also checked and click Go. This opens a File Manager in a new tab. If we move down we can see a file already exists called .htaccess If you don't have one already called .htaccess don't worry and follow the video in a few seconds. But if you do you need to select that file and then click Delete, and Confirm. Then scroll a little bit further and you will find a file called htaccess.txt What everyone needs to do is to select the file and then click on Rename and we want to rename that file to remove the .txt from the end and place a dot at the beginning. Click Rename File. Now that that's done go back to your web site and refresh the page and we can see now that we are at If we click on the next link we are on /out-tea click on the next one we are on /events By switching on the URL rewriting we've just made those urls a little bit more friendly.

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